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Welcome to the Mad Dog Diving website
Ikelight underwater camera housing for our Canon 20D cameraBuying the proper diving gear
We love diving and have acquired the proper diving gear to make diving an excellent hobby and pastime. To make your diving experience a positive experience you must buy the proper approved dive gear.   

Buying the proper diving gear without buying novelty gear can be a challenge and expensive because there are a lot of diving "experts" on the web that love to sell you everything they have in their "dive shop" but are absolutely unnecessary or even dangerous to use while diving

Buying from real dive experts is where you want to spend your hard earned money without purchasing the incorrect or low quality diving gear for your particular diving needs. So do your homework and talk to a lot of fellow divers and ask a lot of questions (about dive gear) and choose your dive gear wisely. Remember spending more money does not necessary get you better gear and shop around for pricing!

Visiting diving resorts
If you are planning to use the services of dive resorts, do the same thing, ask previous visitors that have used the diving resort services and ask their opinions about the quality of the staff (knowledge), dive gear and safety issues. Judge the dive resort by what previous visitors say not what the advertisement says.
Mad Dog Diving gear
Our high speed vessel with 260HP Mercruiser
Having watched the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau on the research vessel Calypso TV series we wanted to go diving! Scuba diving is a fun and a very exciting sport that you can enjoy as part of any lifestyle. The Mad Dog Diving team are certified PADI divers and have snorkel and scuba diving gear onboard our sailboat/dive boat to allow us to dive in all but the coldest waters.

Diving suits & garment
Our Bare dry suits keeps us warm and keep us comfortable in the cold waters of Alaska or along the BC coast of Canada and our lightweight O'Neill wetsuits, are particularly suited for the warm tropical waters such as in the tropical waters of the Philippines, Caymans Islands, Belize, Tahiti etc.

With the right diving gear and our new Ocean Reef Neptune full face diving masks with integrated communications we can truly enjoy the beauty the underwater world!
Transportation on water

When we are home in the Philippines we our own high speed powerboat (30+ knots). This vessel is also available for charter by the hour or by the day. We can provide you with custom trips for SCUBA diving, snorkelling, sightseeing, parasailing, sport fishing or anything else you need during your stay in the Philippines.

 • Diving vessel: High speed diving vessel with 260 HP Mercruiser
inflatable catamaran

When on our sailing yacht, Mad Dog Voyager , we use our 11 foot inflatable catamaran with an air floor. We have chosen the Honda 20 HP outboard for it's "reliability" and the Minnkota electric outboard for use while trolling for fish or wildlife viewing. These Advanced Cat Boats from Mad Dog Extreme are stable, high-performance inflatable boats and very suitable for diving. Because of their unique Catamaran Tunnel Hull design and oversize main tubes, these Advanced Cats will plane quicker with smaller motors, turn tighter at higher speeds, safely carry heavier loads and generally out-perform other inflatable boats costing much more.

Diving vessel: High speed inflatable catamaran
Mad Dog Diving underwater camera gear

Under water we use the following camera equipment

Most of the diving photos where taken using our Canon EOS 20D SLR mounted inside of an Ikelite watertight underwater housing (the “watertight” aspect is the important one!). This Ikelite (Not Ikelight) housing is designed specifically for the Canon 20D camera and allows full control of all camera functions. All seals and button accesses are kept waterproof using multiple O-ring seals. An optically clear front lens allows very clear underwater pictures. The Ikelite is a little bulky and clumsy to use but we are very pleased with it as an excellent system for our underwater photography.

 • Camera equipment:
Canon 20D digital camera & Ikelite underwater housing
Diving air supply

Filling our air tanks while traveling on our sailboat/dive boat is a breeze with our MaxAir air dive compressor. Dive shops are not always close at hand to refill SCUBA tanks when you are exploring cool underwater locations. To allow us to refill our own SCUBA tanks and continue exploring these areas, we have a MaxAir / Honda dive compressor onboard the sailboat. The multi-step filtration system provides for the best quality, cleanest air refills for our SCUBA tanks. No more having to leave exciting dive sites just to have our bottles refilled!

 • Dive compressor:
Max Air 35 dive compressor
Dive compressor: Max Air 35 dive compressor with Honda engine
Garment & other diving gear

Communications under water

We upgraded our dive gear with a pair of Ocean Reef Neptune Space full face mask with integrated GSM DC underwater communications (very handy when one of the Mad Dogs spots a Great White Shark looking for a “Dog treat”!). The Neptune Space mask is a full face mask, meaning it actually covers our entire faces, providing protection from cold waters while allowing us to breath and talk to each normally via the high-tech ultrasonic communications system. We will provide feedback and updates on how the system works once we’ve had a chance to try them out.

 • Dive suit & gear: Neptune Space full face mask with GSM DC underwater communication

Mad Dog Diving
Diving with an attitude!
Ocean Reef Neptune Space full face mask with GSM DC underwater communication



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