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Item: Max-Air 35 compact portable dive compressor

Max air 35 portable dive compressor on MadDogDiving.comWe have our scuba dive gear on-board and like to fill our own dive tanks (bottles) whenever possible rather than trying to find a dive shop (if you can find one). For this reason we have purchased the portable and compact MaxAir dive compressor because of it's size and price range. Filling our dive tanks when we are diving in remote areas became just a lot easier while sailing along the coast of British, Columbia (BC) or anywhere we travel to

Portable dive compressor features:
- Fills an 80 cft tank in approx 20 min.
- Weight: 85 lbs (38 kg)
- 5.5hp Honda gasoline engine
- Oil/water separating chambers
- Tri-chem breathing air purification system
- Disposable purification cartridge
- Pressure maintaining valve for optimum air processing.
- Digital hour/tachometer Dimensions: Length 28" x Depth 13" x Height 15"

Great for Dive shops and Diving resorts
If you own your own dive shop or small dive resort, why not fill the dive bottles "on-site" for your customers while they are diving? You can also rent out the Max-air dive compressor to your dive customers as part of your rentable diving equipment. Most people cannot afford diving equipment just for hobby purposes so why not rent out this type of equipment? The reliable and easy to use Maxair dive compressor is a great addition for small dive resorts or dive rental places and can give you an edge over the competition!

Portable dive compressor
The Max-air dive compressor is great dive related equipment add-on for small dive shops, private yachts, RVs or small dive resorts. The Max-Air dive compressor can easily be taken onboard your dive boat or driven in your dive vehicle to the nearest shore dive location. The Max-air portable compressor is very portable and reliable with the Honda engine.

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