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Want to go Scuba diving?

FIRST!: Before you signup for diving lessons or buying any diving gear, make sure to get a medical check-up first! Diving can be deadly!

Second: Before you sign up for diving lessons (Anywhere on the planet!), make sure to get referrals first of the dive school you are planning to get your dive training from. There are many good instructors teaching diving but sadly they also have some questionable shops in the PADI and other "Professional" networks that are not teaching you the proper techniques but rather put you on the "fast track" to get you a diving certificate so they can sell you their overpriced diving gear and diving trips.
Diving with Mad Dog Diving in the Philippines

Third: Make sure to buy the proper diving gear! 
Buying used? have it checked out first by a qualified diving gear expert.
PADI diving logo on MadDogDiving.comWant to go Scuba diving, here are some helpful links:

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Snork, snork!, Do you snorkel?
Snorkel information
  How to snorkel - The basics

Professional diving?
The best place to get your diving training is in the Navy!
  US Navy Diving Manual and current ACNs
  Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU)
  Magazine "Faceplate", the Official Newsletter for the Divers and Salvors of the United States Navy
  NOAA diving information (Contaminated Water Diving Reports)
  Information about commercial diving (Wikipedia)
  Information about Professional diving (Wikipedia)
  Information about Recreational Diver training (Wikipedia)

Diving gear & equipment
  List of diving gear (Wikipedia)
  Diving gear & diver equipment
  Diving suit (Wikipedia)
  Diver communications
  Underwater photography

Don't kill yourself or hurt yourself while diving!
  List of diving hazards and precautions
  Decompression sickness
  Nitrogen narcosis
  Failure of diving equipment other than breathing apparatus

Diving history
  Jacques Cousteau

Diving organizations:
  List of diver training organizations (Wikipedia)
  British Sub-Aqua Club (Wikipedia)

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)
The PADI system is a highly commercialized diver training system/program. You can use the PADI system to get your dive training started. The PADI network has a vast network of freelance dive instructors located worldwide and associated diving shops where you can buy your dive gear for your diving hobby or even a potential diving profession.

  PADI diving information (Wikipedia)
  Learn to dive with the PADI system (Home page)
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